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All Services

Birth certificate if born in the US / Certificate of Naturalization or Permanent Resident Card
Social Security Card, Driver License or State ID
Marriage Certificate if petitioning Spouse
Birth Certificate if petitioning parents

Birth Certificate if born in the U.S. or Certificate of Naturalization / Permanent Residency Card
Social Security Card and Drivers license
Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
Birth Certificate
Divorce decree or death certificate of any previous spouses, along with their information: full name, date of birth, date and place marriage took place.

Reports and any information from the police
Hospital or medical reports regarding any health issues suffered due to domestic violence
Evidence of the domestic violence (Pictures, bills from doctor, etc.)
Reports and any information from a psychologist or social worker
Reports and any information from the court (restraining order, etc.)

Marriage Certificate
Conditional Resident Card, Social Security, Driver License or ID
Your spouse’s Social security card and Driver License or ID
Certificate of Naturalization of your spouse, if he/she is a Naturalized Citizen
Birth Certificates, social security cards of your children

Have at least 5 years of lawful permanent residence; or if you obtained your residency through marriage to a US Citizen, have at least 3 years of being married to the same person and have 3 years of having been granted residency. Residence (Green) card, Social Security card and valid drivers license or ID. Birth certificate OR passport. 2 Passport-style photographs

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