• Marriage Certificate
  • Conditional Resident Card, Social Security, Driver License or ID
  • Your spouse’s Social security card and Driver License or ID
  • Certificate of Naturalization of your spouse, if he/she is a Naturalized Citizen
  • Birth Certificates, social security cards of your children
  • Pictures of your wedding, vacations, etc. (preferably where both of you come out)
  • Car Registrations, Car Insurance which you have under both of your names
  • Gas, water & power, telephone bills with both of your names on them.
  • Home and car titles which you have under both of your names
  • Joint bank account statements, credit card statements, or department store statements under both of your names
  • Health insurance or life insurance with both of your names
  • Income tax returns filed together
  • Any other documents to prove your marriage continues to be in good faith
  • Addresses where you have lived since you were granted conditional residence
  • 2 passport-style photographs of the Beneficiary
  • Attorney Fees: $1,000.00
  • USCIS fee: $680.00

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